We Think Mobile.

The world is more connected today than ever before. We are mobile-passionate innovators and use the latest technology to develop unique and user-friendly Mobile Marketing Tools. Our new-fashioned platform will disrupt the conventional consumer-brand relationship.

It’s a move forward.


Time is the most valuable currency today.

Everyone in today’s fast-paced world has different interests and expectations. We respect that. That’s why consumers and brands alike should be able to choose how much and how often they interact.

We believe there can be a rewarding trade-off while building new and lasting relationships.

It matters.


Everyone should be free to choose what, when, where and how to consume personalized content including advertising! With our mobile marketing tools, we can help you create strong and sustainable interrelations, based on loyalty and respect.

It’s loyalty – reimagined.




A mobile engagement platform deepening the consumer-brand relationship. mobiWin serves ad-free, personalised content and provides flexibility by allowing the users to watch ads whenever they want. By presenting desirable offers, mobiWin respects the user’s time and attention and promises actionable data for retargeting.

A mobile survey platform boosting customer loyalty. mobiQi presents short and easy surveys that users can reply to even on the go. By providing attractive loyalty benefits, mobiQi respects the user’s precious time and promises actionable feedback.





Founder / Lead Dreamer

With his impressive discography as a composer and arranger for many hit pop albums and his experience as a well-known musician in the advertising industry, he is also a coder, thinker, philanthropist and more.  He’s in charge of making the world a better and fairer place.



Partner / Lead Manifestor

With her entrepreneurial spirit and her 25 years of experience in advertising as an executive, she’s on the team to disrupt what we know as marketing today.



Partner / Lead Advisor

With her 20 years of experience in PR, organization and event management and 10 years in celebrity management, she’s on the team as a private consultant to organise every detail.



Lead Maximizer

With his 20 years of experience in media, marketing and sales, he knows well how media has evolved and he’s on the team to rewrite the rules for it.



Partner / Lead Unifier

With his impact on the advertising industry in Turkey and his 40 years of experience as a founder, executive, president and more, he’s on the team to be the gamechanger once again.


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